“Coming Soon”; Scenario Design

Antihero’s Steam page is now live! The game hasn’t launched yet, but this is a big step towards building our Steam community, which is vital for a multiplayer game.

Most of our recent development time has been spent on content, rather than systems — Antihero’s core mechanics may change in minor ways before launch, but they’re essentially (and finally!) complete. The team’s primary focus is creating new scenarios that tweak the game’s rules in small but meaningful ways – we’ve recently wrapped up work on The Wharf, which sees you infiltrating steamships that arrive at the docks loaded with valuable goods.


The Wharf adds some new twists to the core Antihero formula, and it’s been a lot of fun to playtest. Importantly, it’s also pointed us towards other ways that the game can be expanded: we’re currently putting the finishing touches on another scenario that takes place in a much different part of the city, and that I’m extremely excited about – visually, narratively, and mechanically, it’s going to be great. Stay tuned!

New Teaser; Google Indie Festival

In preparation for PAX West, I’ve recut the game’s teaser video. This is the third iteration of this particular video, and still features a lovely little murder ballad by Darius Greene.

Making videos is wicked hard, which is why I’ve repeated myself so many times with this one. But shortly, Antihero will have a proper trailer made by somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Also: after PAX I’ll be showing Antihero at the Google Indie Games Festival on September 24. If you’re in San Francisco, stop by and check out a bunch of upcoming indie games (it’s freeeeee)!

Coming to PAX West


Find us in both the Indie MEGABOOTH AND the Versus Evil booth (Level 6, Booth 6111). September 2-5, in Seattle WA.

The game is nearrrrring completion, with massive improvements across the board: visuals, AI, core mechanics, and multiplayer have all seen big changes since we last demoed.

And also, as alluded to above: we’ve got a publisher (!): the fine folks at Versus Evil, who, I must say, have exceedingly good taste. Exciting times.

Penny Arcade Interview

The latest episode of Penny Arcade’s “Welcome to PAX” series is all about Antihero. There’s some melodramatic hand-wringing about being an indie dev, but also some nice footage from a recent build of the game!

(Pay careful attention to my cleverly greasy hair in some of these interview bits. This is totally me pulling off “Master Thief chic”, and not at all about being unshowered and exhausted after several days on the show floor.)

(Also: shout-outs to booth babes Nathan Curtis and Jon Demos for major major assistance at the show!)

Antihero at the GDC

A few points of business.

Next week, I’ll be showing Antihero at The MIX Patreon Showcase in San Francisco.

Antihero is also a finalist in the 2016 IndiePlus awards.

These two functions – The MIX and the IndiePlus awards ceremony – run concurrently, which means the one-man Antihero team will need to figure out how to appear in two places at once.

Come see us at one or both of the events! And by “us” I mean me!

And finally, this guy recently made an appearance in the game. He’s going door-to-door looking for recruits.


Whippering Cup finalist!


Antihero’s next public appearance will be at the 2015 Whippering Cup in San Francisco, alongside a bunch of ridiculously good indie games.

The trading cards we created for PAX Prime will make a return! And I’ll be giving an undoubtedly mortifying – but brief! – talk about the game. It’ll probably involve lots of hand-waving about why Antihero is taking such a long time to create.


The Whippering Cup is next Thursday, December 10th. Get yer tickets here!

PAX Prime and a new trailer

Hello, thief-y friends! There are a couple points of tasty business to discuss.

Point the first: Antihero will be showing at PAX Prime, August 28-31, in beautiful rainy Seattle. The good urchins at Indie MEGABOOTH (their name must be shouted; it’s the law) have invited us back, mostly because we pledged not to steal all their equipment this time.

Two reasons to come visit us on the show floor: we won’t pick your pocket, and we will be in full urchin/master thief regalia. Yes: Antihero cosplay is now a thing.

Point the second: the game has a new teaser-trailer. It’s set to the same jaunty murder ballad as the previous because we love that song. The footage is all new, and we’ve also learned how to edit videos a bit less sloppily.



Antihero: Life on the Streets

A city riddled with corruption is resilient to change. The old blight settles in, makes itself at home, refusing to allow any upstart new afflictions to take hold. That’s why you’re keeping to the shadows: your Master Thieves keeping a sharp lookout on street corners, your Urchins infiltrating the seats of power by lamplight. It’s hard work, but if dishonest people in this city are getting rich, what’s stopping you from taking your fair cut?

The moment to strike hasn’t arrived just yet, but stay vigilant. Your time will come.