Antihero at the GDC

By March 7, 2016Uncategorized

A few points of business.

Next week, I’ll be showing Antihero at The MIX Patreon Showcase in San Francisco.

Antihero is also a finalist in the 2016 IndiePlus awards.

These two functions – The MIX and the IndiePlus awards ceremony – run concurrently, which means the one-man Antihero team will need to figure out how to appear in two places at once.

Come see us at one or both of the events! And by “us” I mean me!

And finally, this guy recently made an appearance in the game. He’s going door-to-door looking for recruits.



  • Micah Conkling says:

    I am the Greater Twin.

  • Alan Newman says:

    I’ve been hanging by my thumbs for what seems forever. I need this to arrive on IOS before I pass away!

    • Tim says:

      You and me both!

      A small update: I’m on track to finish the game in the fall. I’ll likely be released in early January, to avoid competing with the big boys during the AAA-fest that is the Christmas season. And I’m planning on doing a closed multiplayer beta before release, to shake out any obvious balance issues before foisting the game upon the masses!

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