Neighborhood Watch 2: Overwatch

By June 9, 2015Uncategorized

A brief update from the Antihero Chamber of Commerce: Bank and Apothecary robberies have increased by 630%, despite redoubled efforts on the parts of local business owners to sweep sidewalks and wash windows. Urchins from local Orphanages are widely suspected to be the culprits, but the constables haven’t been able to get any of them to talk, save for an apologetic “aw, gee, I don’t know nothin’ about that, mister”. Good lads.

Stealing money and supplies is all well and good, but sometimes a guild needs something a little more… exotic. What is a Thieves’ Guild Administrator with rowdy staff to please and powerful figures to exploit to do? Thankfully, this city doesn’t disappoint.


The Strangefellows Society is a popular club for blue-collar types around the city. As it turns out, whether people spend their days hauling goods on the docks or cracking skulls for a criminal enterprise, they like to relax in much the same way: a good meal, a stiff drink or three, and maybe a game of cards.

All of those things can be stolen, of course, so sending an Urchin in to liberate some provisions is a good way to keep your guild’s Thugs happy.


Most people have a tendency to get a little TOO honest when in a church’s confession booth. That said, what’s revealed in there is privileged information, kept between you and whatever higher power you ascribe to. Of course, most people also have a tendency to neglect checking the top of the booth for eavesdropping Urchins. It’s almost as if they WANT us to collect blackmail material on them. Why, it’d be rude not to!

What you do with it is up to you. We suggest taking the entire city under your control, but then again, here at the Antihero Thieves’ Guild, we’ve always dreamed big.