Neighborhood Watch

By May 21, 2015Uncategorized

Antihero’s local Chamber of Commerce subscribes to the “broken windows” theory of crime prevention. That is to say, they feel if they keep their sidewalks clear and their storefronts clean and regularly maintained, no one will rob them. You and I both know how laughable a concept that is, but it certainly does keep the city’s buildings looking new and modern. Some examples…


In an effort to get Urchins off the street and out of the shoplifting game, Orphanages have invested in more prominent signage. Honestly, though, if they really want to get the word out, they should try a sign that says “FREE FOOD AND ACCOMPLICES”.


The local Bank has taken the tack of looking as intimidating and stately as possible to deter criminals. Don’t be fooled: any Master Thief not too hungover from the night before can make short work of their defenses. Plus, the lobby has free ice water!

Seriously, take advantage of the ice water. They literally have to ship the ice in.