North Switchblade

By May 2, 2015Uncategorized

I find it mildly annoying when blogs talk about how long it’s been since the last update and apologize and promise to do better next time. I won’t do that here because if we’re all being honest with each other – and we’re thieves, so… obviously – there’s every chance that it’ll be another two thousand years before the next Antihero post.

Here’s a screenshot to tide us all over for the next several millennia:

North Switchblade

The residents of “Pancreas Court” are particularly uneasy about this arrangement.

There’s a bunch of new and updated art and UI on display, but what I want to call attention to is “North Switchblade,” the Orphanage District pictured here. Is there a South Switchblade? No. There’s no South, or East, or West, or any other direction.

The Urchins here won’t say why, and you really don’t want to know anyway.