PAX Prime and a new trailer

By August 11, 2015Uncategorized

Hello, thief-y friends! There are a couple points of tasty business to discuss.

Point the first: Antihero will be showing at PAX Prime, August 28-31, in beautiful rainy Seattle. The good urchins at Indie MEGABOOTH (their name must be shouted; it’s the law) have invited us back, mostly because we pledged not to steal all their equipment this time.

Two reasons to come visit us on the show floor: we won’t pick your pocket, and we will be in full urchin/master thief regalia. Yes: Antihero cosplay is now a thing.

Point the second: the game has a new teaser-trailer. It’s set to the same jaunty murder ballad as the previous because we love that song. The footage is all new, and we’ve also learned how to edit videos a bit less sloppily.