The Antihero Team

By September 18, 2014Uncategorized

Hello, Antiheroes!

First, thanks to everyone who’s voted for the game on Steam Greenlight. It’s hugely gratifying – and super-important to the success of the project – to have your support!

Like most indie projects, Antihero is being developed by an obscenely large team with limitless financial resources. This is the blog post where we briefly emerge from behind our monitors and introduce ourselves – the humans behind the game:

TIM CONKLING (game design, programming)

It’s ME! The guy writing this post!
I am a devastatingly handsome  endlessly witty  blindingly brilliant dude wot types on a computer. Sometimes I use that computer to play games, and other times I use it to create them! (And sometimes I use it to craft awkward blog posts!)

Before Antihero, I was a programmer and game designer at Three Rings Design. At Three Rings I created a game called Corpse Craft that, if we’re being honest with each other, has some significant aesthetic similarities to Antihero! (This was not the original plan: in its earliest prototypes, Antihero was about flying a blimp around a high fantasy world and sniping at orcs with magic missiles (seriously)).

JIYOUN LEE-LODGE (art, art, and more art)

Jiyoun is a fine artist – like, she produces fine art, rather than “her art is fine, I guess” (in fact, it’s superb). AND she’s also a games artist who’s worked on a large number of titles from AAA to casual. Jiyoun and I met like 9 years ago, when we were both working at Gamelab, a small games studio in NYC, and we reconnected for Antihero.

We live 3 time zones apart – I’m in San Francisco, Jiyoun is in New York – and so you might think that collaboration would be impossible. But no! Thanks to the magic of “the internet”, we are able to talk, write, and even transfer digital files to each other, from our respective living rooms! (Seriously, there are so many great cheap/free web-based collaboration tools out there, it’s kind of ridiculous. It’s a wonderful time to be collaborating remotely.)

Jiyoun and I are assisted by several other awesome contributors: Harry Mack (sound and music), Nathan Curtis (programming), and Gerald Broas (animation).

And we are un-assisted by Birdie (is a cat; does cat stuff) who frequently claims the keyboard as a bed, and who embodies the antihero spirit in all ways.