Thieves’ Guild Owner’s Manual: Master Thief

By October 9, 2014Uncategorized

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’ve taken your first step down the poorly-lit path toward managing your very own Thieves’ Guild. At this point, you likely have a lot of questions. Questions like “what does it take to manage a Thieves’ Guild?”, or “what sorts of things can a Thieves’ Guild do?”, or even “oh, geez, I was just searching for a chili recipe, why are you talking about Thieves’ Guilds?!”.

Fear not, (ig)noble administrator! Over the coming weeks, we shall answer all those questions and more here on the official Antihero dev blog. Oh, and if you still want a chili recipe, try this one.

For those of you who haven’t left to heat up a soup pot, let’s start with the basics. Every Thieves’ Guild needs skilled professionals to do the important yet sensitive tasks necessary for their survival: somebody’s gotta scout new targets, and assassination contracts don’t just fulfill themselves. The best choice for dirty jobs like these is a Master Thief, and lucky for you, every Thieves’ Guild starts with one on the payroll.


The Master Thief has spent years honing his craft, and now he takes his orders from you. Need to get the lay of the land before planning a hit or a heist? He’ll be in and out before anyone’s the wiser.

Need a target taken out? Even though he’s built for speed, with the right equipment, the Master Thief can eliminate even the most stalwart of quarries. Oh, and don’t forget, he’s also a THIEF: if you need something pilfered, pinched, picked, nicked, nabbed, purloined or swiped, he’s your man.

But even the most skilled Master Thieves can’t do it alone. They need backup. They need people on the inside. They need contacts who can tell them about the jobs that aren’t listed in the classified ads. They need access to the best equipment money can buy. But that’s enough out of us for this week. We’ll talk more later. Go stir your chili before it burns.